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Anima Journey - High Performance Coaching Program (Dutch)

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Are you a driven entrepreneur dealing with challenges and high demands?
Elevate your performance and personal/professional life with our exclusive 1-year coaching program, designed to transform you and your organization to the best version.

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Creative ARTexperience (English)
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Friday, May 31 - 09:00-16:00

Friday, May 31 - 09:00-16:00

Dive into the art of Self-definition and the Empowering Process of Redefining.
Embrace your inner artist in our creative workshop where everyone, regardless of talent, can create a masterpiece.

Join us for a transformative blend of self-reflection and artistic expression!

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we are progredi

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Transforming businesses & individuals.

From the inside out, with all our passion and competence

All kind of organizational transition management projects:

Strategy, culture and behaviour change
Organization design, redesign or restructure, Mergers & Acquisitions
Workforce transformation
Business process optimization
Strategic communication & marketing - social media
Employee experience

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Coaching & Training.

1-on-1. Teams. Organisations.

High performance coaching
Leadership & professional development
Executive coaching
Insights Discovery
Heart Coherence
Stress management
Personal development journeys

And much more...

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Meet the Team

In 2005, Tim Belon and Eva Buydens joined forces at DB Schenker in Belgium to lead a large-scale change process involving 650 employees over 3 years. After pursuing separate paths for more than 15 years, the same passion brought them together again to establish Progredi, a new chapter in their joint mission to drive positive change and empower businesses and individuals to embrace their most important challenges and reach their full potential. With the same expertise and passion, they redefine success, igniting progress and driving growth for their clients. Progredi marks a new chapter in their journey of positive change and transformation.

Tim Belon is a passionate and social entrepreneur, and co-founder of both C9 and Progredi, both operating mainly in the Benelux, D-A-CH and Visegrad regions. With an experience of more than 18 years, C9 has offices in both Belgium and Prague.
Tim shows the true character of a successful entrepreneur and understands that passion and delivering excellence are the drivers of success. With his background in the retail industry (fashion) and work experience at VF Corporation (Lee, Wrangler, Maverick,…), he has embraced a fundamental principle that he consistently applies in all his initiatives. Namely, that you only put something on the market if you would want to buy it yourself as a user.
Tim has gained international experience and has been building a network in the development, management and implementation of projects in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, D-A-CH, Sweden, Malta, UK, Ireland, Tunisia, Morocco, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Western Balkans, US, Mauritius and China.
Since 2004, he has also been involved in various Unizo projects and acts as a permanent lecturer at the Masterclass KMO Management. There, he mainly focuses on all aspects of strategy building in SMEs.
In his spare time, Tim is particularly committed to the Speechless Reconciliation project, of which he is a co-founder himself. Tim acts as a mentor and helps these young people face their greatest challenges and reach their full potential. Within this project, Tim mainly uses methodologies, techniques,… developed within transition projects of Progredi.

Eva Buydens is an experienced Program Manager and Senior Transition Expert who can steer any organization through challenging & complex change processes while fostering a strong sense of unity and success among teams.
With 20+ years of experience as a communication and marketing specialist in the transport and logistics sector across Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, Eva’s ability to deliver compelling communication that seamlessly align with objectives and create a positive image is invaluable to any organization.
Throughout her career at the headquarters of the multinational company DB Schenker, Eva deeply understands the importance of cultural sensitivity and adaptability when navigating complex transitions.
In 2017, Eva settled in Germany, and two years later, she made a bold decision to embark on a new journey as a freelance business coach with a strong mission to make others successful: individuals, teams and organizations.
Her main focus lies in creating thriving organizational cultures, emphasizing the significance of “taking people with you” during times of change – a philosophy that has proven to drive success time and again.
Her mantra “A strong, value-driven culture led by inspiring leaders and supported by motivated and engaged employees results in satisfied and happy customers: Happy Employees create Happy Customers.”
With qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), career coaching, and burnout coaching, Eva possesses a robust arsenal of tools to guide people effectively through challenging situations and equip them with resilience for professional growth.
In her free time, Eva’s enthusiasm extends to travelling, cycling, enjoying nature, good cuisine, and contributing to Speechless Reconciliation to ensure the summer camps are running smoothly at full speed. 

Passion is the driving force behind great work, and energy keeps it moving forward.

The main ingredient you need for any transition, big or small, is to have courage. And the only way to start, is to get started...
You decide: One day or Day One.

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Inspirational Days

In life, the only constant is change - the places we live and work, the people we surround ourselves with, and even ourselves. While we cannot control everything that happens around us, we have the power to shape our own professional growth and development.

Love your haters and invite them for a drink!

Everything you need to know about haters.

The process of redefining

The process of redefining that can change your life for the better.

High Performance Coaching Program intro session

Become the best version of yourself, in your business, at home and beyond! Optimise your lifestyle, drive business success and expand your network for even greater success.


Systemic Consensing intro session by Rudy Begas

A method helping to make sustainable decisions in groups of any size. Reduce conflicts, involve everyone in decision-making and foster creativity. Promote inclusion and collaboration without winners or losers.

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