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Love your Haters and invite them for a drink!

Thursday 25 May | 17:30-23:00 Evening session & Happy Hour | Hosted by C9 | Boom
Inspirational session 100%
Everything you need to know about haters. What makes a hater a hater? Why do we need them in life? How to deal with them? And last but not least, how can we create a hater-free environment?
If someone hates your work, you know you are doing something right. If you’re not pissing someone off, you are probably not trying hard enough.

About the session

Inspirational session in English


Thursday 25 May
17:30-23:00 Evening session & Happy Hour hosted by C9
17:30 Doors open
19:00 Keynote speaker Ljupco Trifunovski


C9 - Boom (Belgium)

Additional Information

Free admittance; registration required.
We would be extremely grateful for a voluntary donation to the Speechless Reconciliation project.
A box will be available in the Café during the Happy Hour.

Ljupco Trifunovski

Ljupco Trifunovski is a highly experienced professional at SOS Children's village Skopje in Macedonia who has dedicated his entire career to working with vulnerable groups.
He’s an expert in identifying and addressing the unique needs of persons who have experienced trauma or adversity.
As an inspiring keynote speaker, he will share his knowledge and insights to help others better understand life’s challenges and opportunities, as well as strategies for building resilience and promoting positive outcomes for all types of transformations.

Ljupco Trifunovski