Heart Coherence Training

Increase your team's professional resilience with Heart Coherence Training!

We have never seen such a high number of long-term absences. We all experience how difficult it is to push our pause button once in a while, because how do you do that? Get to know Heart Coherence, a training course that will give your employees the tools they need to switch quickly and efficiently from action mode to relaxation and rest. Discover how this proven method can increase your team's overall wellbeing level and improve their professional resilience.

What is Heart Coherence Training?

Heart Coherence Training is a science-based method for learning to manage stress independently, using correct (focus) breathing to create optimal functioning between heart and brain. Using some simple exercises aimed at awareness and regulating the heart rate, a better emotional balance is created, with a beneficial effect on mental well-being and performance.

What can you expect?

Our Heart Coherence training includes an introductory personal questionnaire, followed by 3 insightful 90-minute workshops, interim assignments, an individual measurement with biofeedback equipment and a concluding individual follow-up session per participant (optional).


Why Heart Coherence Training?

A healthier work environment:

Give your employees the tools to manage stress even in the most demanding situations. A stress-resistant work environment results in increased productivity and satisfaction.

Improved concentration and productivity:

Heart Coherence Training improves your employees' concentration and focus, leading to more focused work and efficiency in the workplace.

Team cohesion:

The shared experience of Heart Coherence Training can strengthen team cohesion, improving communication and creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Reduce absenteeism:

Improved emotional and physical health means less absenteeism. Invest in prevention by giving your employees the tools for a healthier lifestyle.

Sustainable performance:

Teach your employees how to manage their energy so that they can achieve peak sustainable performance in the long term without being exhausted.

Benefits of joining this journey:

Give your team the competitive edge they deserve:

At Progredi, we understand the importance of resilient, focused teams. Our Heart Coherence Training for Business offers practical tools and strategies that can be applied immediately in the workplace and beyond.
Invest in boosting your team's well-being and performance today. Contact us to discuss a customised Heart Coherence Training and discover how your company can thrive with balanced, stress-resistant professionals.

Individual sessions are also possible in the context of burnout, depression, anxiety issues, sleep problems and others.

Results when applied correctly:

• improved concentration and focus
• stimulation of creative thinking
• more job satisfaction
• improved resistance
• fewer physical complaints
• easier recovery
• positive well-being
• more self-confidence
• more resilience
• better control of emotions
• better quality of sleep
• easier to put things into perspective
• more energy
• a better work-life balance

Discover the impact of Heart Coherence Training (in-company training):

"For many, this topic appears to be unknown, but it certainly has an impact on daily work. The training offers considerable added value when taken as a team. While motivating choices, like between boats and the sea, fascinating insights are generated for individuals and the team as a whole. Especially for managers, this can be very useful."

"Is just a good life lesson."

"Can be life-changing."

"Very informative training! I try to use the tips & tricks as much as possible."

Contact us now to discuss a customised Heart Coherence Training and discover how your company can thrive with balanced, stress-resistant professionals.

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