High Performance Coaching Program

Are you a driven entrepreneur facing ever-increasing challenges and high demands? Isn’t it time to unlock your full potential as a high-performance entrepreneur and take your organization to the next level?

Our exclusive 1-year program is designed to transform your organization and yourself into the best version.

Join our program and ensure your place today in the first group starting in September 2024 (25-27).

Did you know that there is a direct link between the health and well-being of entrepreneurs and the success of their businesses?

It's true! A healthy, fit entrepreneur can better handle the demands and challenges of running a business, especially in changing and turbulent times. And when an entrepreneur is at his best, his business is likely to be as well.
By investing in your own health and fitness, you're not just doing yourself a favor - you're setting your company up for success. A healthy, fit entrepreneur is more productive, creative, and focused, making them better equipped to lead their team and tackle any challenge that comes their way. At the same time, a healthy, fit company is more agile and resilient, better prepared for the future and able to adapt to changing circumstances. So, if you're looking to take your company to the next level, start by investing in yourself. It's the first step toward a healthier , more successful future for both you and your business.

Benefits of joining this journey:

To you

• Based on scientific insights & deep learning - guided by experts, this program helps you become a productivity machine with irresistible energy and heightened self-awareness.
• Put yourself out of your comfort zone and develop a growth mindset through sometimes challenging experiences.
• Increased productivity and efficiency to achieve more in less time
• Improved work-life balance.
• Feel more confident and self-assured.

To your business

• Learn best practices and gain insights from experts, other successful entrepreneurs & organisations to develop new strategies for success.
• Participate in benchmarking exercises to measure your company’s performance against others and gain an independent perspective.
Cascade your learning through your team and into the wider organisation.
• Better ability to attract and retain top talent.
Expand your network and connect with like-minded people, building valuable relationships that could lead to new business opportunities.

“Becoming the best version of your organization, in an unstable environment, resistant to today's fast-moving changes. Becoming the best version of yourself - in your business, at home and beyond! “


The format

A highly interactive, experiential developmental journey over 12 days.
The program focuses on three core pillars: lifestyle, business, and networking.
Our expert coaches will guide you through the program, helping you to optimize your lifestyle, boost your business success, and expand your network for greater success.

4 Modules

Conducted as residential programs


Each module starting on Wed evening, ending on Fri afternoon, except last module in Prague (Thu-Sat)


Top location in Belgium (Rochefort) and Prague


The programme 2024-2025 modules run on the following dates:

Module 1
Wed 25.09.2024-Fri 27.09.2024
Module 2
Wed 27.11.2024-Fri 29.11.2024
Module 3
Wed 19.03.2025-Fri 21.03.2025
Module 4
Thu 12.06.2025-Sat 14.06.2025

Who should attend?

This program will benefit mid- to senior-level managers, CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs who genuinely want to make a difference in their organizations and create value. It is designed to help professionals in many industries and sectors—especially those in leadership functions undergoing dynamic change and high demands. You'll be part of a group, receiving valuable support and accountability from like-minded people, as you work to achieve your goals. If you have the courage to look into the mirror, still want to grow and are open to the possibility that regardless of the success you have already achieved, there is still the next level. Then join the journey now!


Based on scientific insights and proven strategies, this program will learn how to make a powerful connection between your mental, emotional, physical well-being and performance, and the success of your organization.

• Measurements to assess the impact of the journey (lifestyle/business scan)
• Facilitated group sessions
• Inspiring guest speakers and visits demonstrating best practices
• Personal reflection moments & individual expert coaching to support your action plan
• Online experience platform to support your learning journey: communicate with others, share information and knowledge, fill out exercises and access your content, anywhere in the world.

You’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals. We'll work with you to optimize your business processes, strengthen your team, and elevate your personal performance.

Whether you're looking to grow your business, improve your leadership skills, or simply become more efficient and effective, our program is designed for you.

Invest in yourself and the future success of your organization by ensuring your place today.

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