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The process of redefining that can change your life for the better.

Friday 26 May | 12:30-14:30 Lunch session | hosted by C9 | Boom
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Life can be filled with obstacles. When you’ve got nowhere else to turn, how do you reinvent yourself? It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication and patience. Learn how to redefine your beliefs – the things we can control and cannot control - and how to deal with losses and even successes without becoming arrogant.

About the session

Inspirational session in English + Breakfast


Friday 26 May
12:30-14:30 Lunch session
Registration is required and limited, so sign up now to secure your seat!


C9 - Boom (Belgium)

Participation Fee

Participation fee: 100€.
Whereof 50€ goes to the Speechless Reconciliation project.

Special offer:
Sign up for both the Wednesday & Friday session: 175€ (Whereof 75€ goes to the Speechless Reconciliation Project.)

Ljupco Trifunovski

Ljupco Trifunovski is a highly experienced professional at SOS Children's village Skopje in Macedonia who has dedicated his entire career to working with vulnerable groups.
He’s an expert in identifying and addressing the unique needs of persons who have experienced trauma or adversity.
As an inspiring keynote speaker, he will share his knowledge and insights to help others better understand life’s challenges and opportunities, as well as strategies for building resilience and promoting positive outcomes for all types of transformations.

Ljupco Trifunovski